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Have you ever known that a person was next to you before you saw them? Maybe you felt someone staring at you, or a sudden chill, before turning around? That feeling you are getting, whether it is a good or bad feeling, is their energy. 

Have you ever used the term ‘vibe’? The word vibe is derived from the term vibrational frequency. When you get a vibe from someone or something, you are sensing their energy as well.


All matter is made of energy, including us. Your body is a temporary home – in which a small part of your consciousness resides. It consists of energy that resonates or vibrates at a low frequency or rate. Your physical body is the densest form of energy that your consciousness uses to explore its environment. While your body seems solid and self-contained, there is much more to you than your eyes can see, and your hands can feel.

Energy Bodies can be thought of as unseen, energetic layers that create the auric field around our physical body. Each energy body layer is connected. The outer energy body contains and affects all the bodies inside of it. Each layer beams light or energy within itself and through the innermost layers. The second energy body shines through the etheric field around the body as well as through the body.  

Each energy body has a different frequency and relates to different aspects of life, such as emotions, thoughts, spirituality and more.


There are many ways to connect and feel your energy. Here is a fun simple way to feel your energy.

  • First sit down, close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  • Next, bring your hands together in front of you, palms touching each other. 
  • Then, slowly pull them apart a few inches.
  • Slowly move them back towards each other, but stop before they touch.
  • Repeat this a few times.
  • Do you feel that? That sensation you feel is your energy.
  • It is normal if you don’t feel anything at first. It takes practice as well as a clear and open mind. 


The health and well-being of your physical body is directly related to the health and vitality of your subtle bodies. When we hold negative thoughts or patterns such as fear, anger, guilt, blame, and shame, it can create blockages in these subtle energy fields. 

For example, if you feel anxious about something, your emotions can affect your physical body, and you can feel sick to your stomach.  By clearing these negative thoughts, your physical body will feel better as well.

As we mentioned in our Introduction to the Chakra System Blog, there are ways to keep your energy bodies balanced and release blocked energy. This can include; meditation, yoga, crystals, essential oils, a healthy and balanced diet, massage, acupuncture, and energy work. 

Many professionals in the medical field use energy treatments. The Cleveland Clinic uses Reiki at its facilities due to the many benefits.


  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Pain relief
  • Stimulates bone and tissue healing after surgery/injuries.
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Reduces tension and stress
  • Increases vibrational frequency
  • Removes energy blockages


Energy Work at Thermae,  refers to a broad range of therapies that all have a commonality: Frequency. At Thermae Retreat, your health and happiness are our priority. Throughout the retreat are crystals, salt lamps, and incense to help you relax and unwind. You can sit in our meditation room as long as you like or listen to a meditation while enjoying the infrared sauna. We also currently offer yoga classes in our salt suite. All of which helps balance your energy. 

There are many practitioners at the Legacy Commons Building that offer energy work as well. Some of the services include Reiki, Access Bars, Harmonic Rebalancing, and Ayurvedic Massage. Click here for their contact information.


In this blog, we introduce you to five of our energy bodies (yes, there are more than that). Moving out from your physical form into your auric field, each energy body (or layer) vibrates at a slightly higher frequency than the one before it. In order from the physical body, you have the etheric body, then the emotional, the mental body, and the spiritual bodies.

Thermae Retreat has our own meditations series, which will include a meditation for each of the five energy bodies. 

The Physical Energy Body 

The first energy body is the physical body, which has weight, shape, and volume. It’s the most tangible “You.” The physical body can be clearly felt through our five senses. It is the densest form of energy that our consciousness uses to interact with its environment.

Our guided meditation takes you on a journey of awareness through the Physical Energy Body using the practice of Yoga Nidra. It supports a calm and settled body while keeping your thoughts keenly focused.

Benefits include:

  • Balanced left and right brain hemispheres
  • Greater confidence
  • Heightened awareness
  • Integration of body and mind
  • Deep restorative sleep
  • Healthier body image

The Energetic Body

Etheric energy is one of three fundamental types of energy in our universe (the other two being electric and magnetic). The etheric body holds the blueprint of our organs, muscles, tissues, and bones. It’s also comprised of a series of energy channels and the chakra centers—all which play an essential part in our vitality and well being.

The Etheric Energy Body, often referred to as the Vital or Subtle body, delivers energy and information to the physical body while communicating with the emotional and mental bodies. 

Our guided meditation is essentially an etheric body cleanse. It will help you:

  • Strengthen, clear and stabilize this vital, subtle body
  • Deepen your connection with your own energy / energy field
  • Clear out old traumas or dramas that may weighing you down or holding you back

The Emotional Body

As the bridge between the physical and mental, the emotional energy body contains our emotional memories and patterns. This is where we begin to interpret and synthesize emotional responses to life events. It represents our feelings and relationship to all things, including how we react and respond to situations. Light detoxing, sauna, and gentle yoga help to restore the emotional body.

Our guided meditation can help you to “see-through” your emotions from a space of non-judgment. As your emotional body returns to balance, you will experience a release tension, stress, and anxiety, and feel more centered in your heart space.

Benefits may include:

  • The ability to feel empathy, openness, generosity, and forgiveness
  • An increased desire to give without expecting to receive something in return
  • A balancing of cortisol, insulin, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels in the body
  • Regulation of blood sugar, blood pressure, and heartbeat

The Mental Energy Body

The Mental Energy Body is a key element in our thoughts becoming a reality. It contains the structure and model of thoughts, ideas, values, and beliefs—both conscious and subconscious. When balanced, it gives us focus, clarity and direction, and aids in our contributions to creation and society. This energy body enables us to proactively problem solve, communicate concisely, innovate with clarity and ease, and resolve emotional or physical issues in a direct and supportive way.

Regular practice of Mental Body meditation can help you:

  • Slow down never-ending mind chatter
  • Detach from your thoughts
  • Sharpen mental clarity
  • Find the gap between thoughts and learn to expand that space
  • Shift your core beliefs and operate from your values

The Spiritual Energy Body

The Spiritual Energy Body represents the unity of all living things, including the union between your soul, life experiences, and destiny. The spiritual layer of the human energy field is where our higher awareness resides.  It has little to do with religion or dogma. It enables you to feel that you are not alone in the world or a victim of fate—that, in fact, you are co-creating your existence with support from a higher power. It provides protection, union and guidance from all that is. 

Our guided meditation is an invitation to explore your inner and outer connection to the spiritual realm. In it, you will be empowered to:

  • Work on a specific challenge you may want to address in your present life.
  • Envision a personal icon/symbol that will facilitate this process.
  • Tap into your creativity at a higher level.
  • Experience a sense of boundlessness.

We want to say a special THANK YOU to Dena Deluca from Evolving Door for her expertise! 


Thermae Retreat is located at 7250 West Blvd, Boardman, OH 44512. We opened our doors in 2017 and are open Monday – Saturday 9 am – 9pm.

You can reach us at 330.222.6432 or [email protected]

You can now book an appointment online for your salt or sauna session.

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