November is the Month for Men!

Men's Health, Boardman Ohio

It is officially November, or should we say Movember? The month of June is all about Men’s health and now so is November. In 2003 the Movember movement started by two friends in Australia. They wanted to create a campaign to raise awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide awareness. 17 years later, the movement has turned into a worldwide fundraiser with people from all over participating and raising money.

You can participate in the cause by growing a mustache, running/walking 60 miles during the month, or hosting a movement. While you are growing your mustache, make sure you keep it clean. Bacteria and other foreign particles tend to linger in your facial hair. Some of the practitioners at the Legacy Commons building specialize in a gentlemen’s facial to help keep your skin and facial hair clean. Click on the link for more information on Men’s Health at Thermae Boardman

For information on how to participate or host a movement, please go to Movember’s official website.   


Mental health and suicide awareness are important topics that the movement brings attention to. Mental health is just as important as physical health. You can be in the best shape of your life, but if you are struggling mentally, your physical health and athletic performance can suffer as well. 

Mental health issues are more common than some might think. One out of five Americans suffer from a mental health issue. This could include alcohol and substance use disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and OCD. Many live with these issues every day, not knowing that they can get help. 

Symptoms can vary for each person and with each different mental illness. If you feel off or not yourself, start by talking to someone. This can be a family, friend, or therapist. There are many resources online to turn to, such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, The Help Network of Northeast Ohio ( you can also dial 211 and speak with someone 24/7), and The National Alliance of Mental Illness. Travco Behavioral Health, a local mental health and addiction treatment center, offers a downloadable eBook to discuss different mental health issues. 


In honor of the month, we would like to identify the symptoms that the cause brings awareness, to both prostate cancer and testicular cancer. 

Prostate Cancer

It is important to remember you might not have any symptoms at all, and prostate cancer can affect men at any age. The symptoms can include trouble urinating, increased urination frequency (especially at night), weak or interrupted urination flow, burning/pain, and/or blood in the urine. Other symptoms can include erectile dysfunction, bone pain, pain in your lower back, hips, and chest. 

 A man’s chances of getting prostate cancer increase with age. Since you may not have any symptoms, it is imperative to keep your regular wellness check-ups with your doctor.

Testicular Cancer

The best way to be proactive in testicular cancer is to do a self-exam every month.  Self-exams help you get to know your body and be able to tell if something seems abnormal. Any new lumps need to be examined by a doctor. Other symptoms can include swelling in your testicles and a change in how they feel. You can feel pain, discomfort, or numbness in your testicles or scrotum. With testicular cancer, someone can also experience a dull ache in their groin or lower abdomens.


At Thermae Boardman, we are here for you. Studies have proved that saunas and salt rooms have been linked to helping reduce stress. Our infrared saunas also have Chromotherapy lights, which have many mental and physical benefits. 

So if you’re having a bad day, come spend the day with us. Take some time for you to sit and focus on your mental health and overall wellbeing.


Thermae Retreat is located at 7250 West Blvd, Boardman, OH 44512. We opened our doors in 2017 and are open Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm, and  Friday-Sunday 9am-9pm. 

You can reach us at 330.222.6432 or [email protected]

You can now book an appointment online for your salt or sauna session.

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