Aah . . . entering the doors of Thermae Boardman is like walking into a warm hug. Your cares will begin to lift and calm the moment you step inside our space, with its soft ambient light and rich, deep colors. Especially in northeastern Ohio’s bitter winter months, our retreat embraces you like a snug enclave where you can escape the cold and melt into a sense of ease, comfort and well being.

Thermae Retreat is a retreat (far beyond a day spa) with caring retreat guides who help you customize your visit for exactly what you need that day. Your spirit will fly with our unique Thermae Experience! You may also decide to pour yourself into the loving hands of one of our skilled therapists and estheticians who will awaken your body’s healing response on a deeper level than merely the physical. 

Your transformation begins in our Finnish and Infrared Saunas, the true heart and soul of Thermae Retreat. The far-, mid- and near-infrared waves, along with chromotherapy (light therapy), activate your detox, relax you completely and provide cellular-level benefits to your skin, muscles, joints and organs. An invigorating (optional) cold bucket plunge, located right outside the custom Finnish sauna, cools and soothes the skin and aids in muscle rejuvenation and recovery.

Our Custom Massages, sacred Body Care and Energy Work, organic Custom Facials and Hydrotherapy are all available to you as part of your journey to lightness and balance. Take time to savor the stillness in our Meditation Room, a private, tranquil space equipped with Soltec chaise lounges, which lull you effortlessly into a meditative state using vibration and music.

Unlimited monthly memberships are available, and there are no contracts to sign. You may also simply visit us for an afternoon or evening to release and awaken with a sauna or treatment. All of these intentional details set us apart from typical day spas in Boardman, Ohio and beyond.

Education and community building is a big part of the Thermae philosophy. As such, we warmly welcome musicians, natural doctors, therapists, healers and specialists to our retreat on a regular basis to share their knowledge of holistic health, wellness and spiritual awakening with our clients. Check back often to see what’s new and exciting at Thermae!

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