Our team believes that the most successful companies are category leaders. This requires intuiting what people may need (often before they’re aware of it), gently shifting outworn perceptions and always advancing a work culture that brings wisdom and sensitivity to the industry and individuals we serve.

Thermae represents a higher innovative vision of the “day spa” industry. We wish to express this vision (as it includes you!) and share it here. These tenets convey what we hold as our company truth.

Thermae exists as an oasis of peace, a quiet retreat from the everyday world where individuals can come to relax, unwind, connect inwardly and leave with a fresh sense of rejuvenation, ease and calmness. Our memberships put individuals in complete control of when/how long they enjoy the facilities and have access to that relaxed state.

Thermae is dedicated to helping people awaken. Our highest intention is to provide an inclusionary space where all feel loved and cared for from the minute they enter Thermae’s doors until well after they leave from their experience here. We see our members and guests as a collective of dear friends with a relationship of trust among us.

We use discernment in providing only the best offerings in the industry. We align only with top therapists, leading edge practitioners, the most effective and progressive modalities, and the purest products–both retail and for use inside Thermae locations. We continually search for what’s new in the health and wellness realm, grounded in research, and offer what’s appropriate based on our business model.

Thermae’s team members are integrous, compassionate individuals who are here to serve in a variety of healing capacities for the betterment of everyone who walks through our doors. The Thermae environment is nurturing for our team, as well, resulting in a complete reciprocity of well being. We recognize that our team members are our greatest assets and we honor them as such.

We are passionate about educating people on something other than medicine for pain relief and the benefits of a holistic, healthy lifestyle, which includes not just the physical (like sauna and massage) but a meditative practice, energy/body work and simply being still. Thermae’s space accommodates for all of this.

We vow to be a centering point in our local communities, and do our part to collaborate locally and help raise the vibration of these areas.

When transacting business with our vendors, subcontractors, corporate programs, etc., we view these relationships not from a B2B perspective but from an S2S (soul to soul) perspective. We are interested in creating win-win partnerships in wellness with these individuals and companies.

All Thermae owners and staff are committed to leading from the company’s Creation Point and listening to guidance from Source on an ongoing basis.

We value kindness, innovation, collaboration and diversity.

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