We firmly believe in the proven benefits of meditation to awaken and heal the body, mind and soul. In fact, it’s such an integral part of the Thermae Experience that we’ve dedicated a separate room for meditation in each of our retreat locations. It’s part of creating a space for “peace within.”

Having a regular meditation practice can help manage stress, ease pain, improve focus, strengthen the immune function, and leave you with a sense of peace, calm and joy. It is a tool that you can use to assist in your practice of presence. It’s not about shutting down your thoughts and feelings but rather learning how to observe them without judgement. Like all of our services, meditation benefits you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Meditation is not just something you do. It’s a way of being.

That’s why we’ve created our signature CD Meditation Series. Having these guided audio journeys close at hand enables you to further integrate into your daily life the transformation that you’re sure to experience at Thermae Retreat.

We chose to begin the series by focusing on the chakras of the body — your centers of energetic power. They are the openings for life energy to float in and out of your aura. Their main function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring a higher development to our self-consciousness.

Check back to this page often as we continue to regularly release new meditations.

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Thermae Retreat Chakra Meditation Series

With Dena DeLuca

Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio

The Throat Chakra | $15

Color: Blue turquoise / aquamarine / smoky purple
Location: Throat/Thymus
Meaning: In Sanskrit, the “Vishudda” chakra means “purification”
Function: Expression, communication, sound
Seed mantra: Ham

Did you know that the throat chakra is associated with the thyroid gland /the endocrine system? This gland produces hormones that are essential for growth and maturation. Excessive stress, especially fear of speaking out, affects the thyroid. Singing stimulates this chakra, as does chanting the mantra “ham.”

Purify and embolden your throat chakra with:

Do you desire to overcome self-doubt and freely express yourself? Relax. Melt into this guided meditation on the throat chakra, the bridge between head and heart. This inner journey will gently move you to release fear, purify the throat region, and cultivate a natural ease and confidence.

Track 1: Intro: Run Time: 8 minutes & 30 second
Track 2: Meditation Track: Run time: 26 minutes

The Third Eye Chakra | $15

Color:  Indigo
Location: Pineal / Forehead (above eyebrow junction)
Meaning: In Sanskrit, the “Ajna” chakra means “beyond wisdom”
Function: Perception, intuition, thought, imagination, manifesting
Seed mantra: SHAM

Welcome to your personal gateway to both inner realms and higher consciousness. The third eye chakra encompasses the pituitary gland, eyes, brain and pineal gland, the seat of intuition. Through the power of this chakra, we see life with clarity and lead with keen insight, emotional balance and self-awareness.

Clear and balance your third eye chakra with:
Are you curious to expand your intuition and allow your inner wisdom to truly guide you? This guided meditation on the third eye chakra will empower you to:

Track 1: Intro: Run Time: 9 minutes
Track 2: Meditation Track: Run time: 26 minutes

The Crown Chakra | $15

Color:  White, Violet
Location: Top of the head
Meaning: In Sanskrit, the Sahasrara chakra means “thousand petals”
Function: Awareness, understanding, non-attachment, truth
Seed mantra: AUM

The crown chakra is associated with the brain, pituitary and pineal glands, and hypothalamus, which regulates the endocrine (nervous) system. This energetic gateway gives access to unity consciousness as we expand beyond our personal preoccupations and visions. It is the place where time and timelessness intersect.

Ready to experience communion with the infinite? This guided meditation on the crown chakra will help you:
Settle your nerves and awaken your crown chakra with:

Track 1: Intro: Run Time: 8 minutes
Track 2: Meditation Track: Run time: 27 minutes