Journey Beyond

$289 (Includes full retreat and all services. Gratuity not included.)

The Journey Beyond day package includes some of our most relaxing treatments to renew you from the inside out and even get you ready if you have an upcoming special event or are feeling over-worked. This best selling package includes our 60 minute exfoliating Body Polish, a 60-minute Custom Massage, a 30 minute lavender and Chamomile Facial and a Hydrotherapy Soak of your choice. After 4 + hours floating from sauna to treatments and even enjoying some time in our quiet meditation room, your skin will be glowing, and you will feel restored and relaxed in a way you never have.

Athletic Enhancement

$199 (includes full retreat, services, one week membership, gratuity not included)

To stay in top condition inside and out, athletes need therapies that aid in muscle recovery and injury prevention. Our Athletic Enhancement package includes your choice of a therapeutic 90-minute massage (we recommend the cupping) to address tight muscles, range of motion and reduce pain with a signature blend of essential oils that will be used to ease and repair muscles during your treatment. Continue the healing and detoxing process with our One Week Thermae Retreat Sauna Membership.

earth elements package

$289 (includes full retreat, all services, gratuity not included)

If it’s time to slow down and ease the chaos in your mind, the Earth Elements Package will bring you back to a grounded more centered space. This beautiful package addresses the body and the spirit, and will allow you to enjoy some healing time in the saunas a 60 minute warm detoxing clay wrap, a 60 minute hot stone massage with a special grounding Essential oil blend, and a 60 minute Reiki or Access Bars session with one of our energy work practitioners. You will want to complete your visit with some time in our meditation room and Soltec Lounge to calm your mind and raise your vibration. Allow 4+ hours for your visit and wear comfortable clothing.

The Deep Retreat | 3 days - 5/6 hours daily

$1,050 (includes full retreat, all services, gratuity and fresh juices)

Join us for our most immersive experience — a true retreat into relaxation, awakening, energy clearing, restorative balance and deep healing. For three glorious days, meander about the retreat at your own pace. Every day includes our detoxing Infrared Saunas, Finnish Sauna, with cold bucket plunge, Meditation Room with SolTec lounges fresh filtered alkaline water and organic herbal teas, fresh towels, robes, slippers and pressed juices. All of our treatments feature organic, nontoxic, wild-crafted, high grade, vegan products that are high frequency and biodynamic. Make space for the new! This Deep Retreat detoxes your mind and spirit, as well as your body.

Day 1

  • 60 minute Exfoliating Body Polish
  • 2-hour Custom Massage designed around your immediate needs for relaxation and healing. Includes essential oils, and hot towels.
  • Rejuvenating Soak in 42-jet bath with dead sea salts and essential oils to aid in circulation, digestion and muscle recovery.

Day 2

  • 60 minute full body clay wrap. Choose from Detoxing, Balancing, Firming
  • 90-minute Energy Work treatment. These sessions are a true differentiator from the ordinary day spa experience. Our energy work assists in clearing negative energy and releases unwanted emotions and thoughts that do not serve your highest expression of wellness.
  • 30-minute Oxygen Soak

Day 3

  • 60-minute Custom Thermae Signature Facial based on your skin’s needs.
  • 60-minute Hot Stone massage.
  • Hydrotherapy soak with Rose Oil to raise your vibration and relax you down to your very essence.
  • 60-minute private meditation or yoga.